The Wallet Showdown: Bi-Fold vs. Tri-Fold



What an age old battle. I get into arguments weekly regarding this issue. Arguments usually arise when I see a tri-fold wallet, because obviously, I’m a bi-fold guy. The type of wallet you carry says a lot about you as a man. Men who carry a bi-fold wallet have their shit together. They hand someone money from their wallet, and the recipient has the option to fold it in half, due to the crease. Someone with a tri-fold wallet hands you cash, and all you can do is stare at it. Did someone just hand you Jabba The Hutt’s vagina? Nothing more inconvenient than tri-folded money. And what the fuck do you need all those card holders for? Do you still have Best Buy gift cards with $1.13 on them from Chirstmas of ’99? And picture sleeves? Seriously? Get a fucking phone you squid. If you have a tri-fold wallet, you need to simplify your life. Come over to the bi side.

…Scratch that last line.




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